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Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, King Cuthbert is blackmailed by a fearsome Giant to keep his subjects safe. When the King raises the rent the Trott's, the local dairy farmers, decide to sell their precious cow Daisy to make ends meet. The Giant's minion Fleshcreep, keeps an eye on the Kingdom and causes mischief by tricking Jack into selling Daisy for a single bean, and kidnapping the King's daughter Princess Rose. The single bean gets thrown away and Fleshcreep’s arch nemesis the Fairy Legume waves her magic wand, causing the Giant Beanstalk to grow up to the Giant's Castle in Cloudland.  

Join us as the Townsfolk and the King are at their wits end,
with no hope in sight. When Jack climbs up the Beanstalk, the adventure begins! 

Friday 29th & Saturday 30th December 2023 - 2pm & 6.30pm each day

Early Bird until 18th Nov:  £13.50 / £9.50
Rear Stalls £9.00

From 19th Nov:  £15.00 / £11.00
Rear Stalls £9.00

Concessions are for under 16s, pensioners and those on benefits.

Children under 18 months do not need a seat as long as they sit on a lap. For over 18 months, a seat must be booked.

Group bookings:
There is a reduction of £1 per ticket for groups of 10 or more, booked at the same time, and for the same performance. This cannot be used with the early bird offer, so only applies to front stalls and balcony from 19 Nov onwards. As there is no early bird offer for the rear stalls, group discounts for these seats apply whenever they are booked. Please ring the box office on 07727 448 760 for group discounts.

Wheelchairs must be at the back of the rear stalls in case of evacuation, and each wheelchair space must be booked with a seat for a carer; there is no charge for a carer.

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